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Biohacking Retreat - SOLD OUT

16-18 February 2024

Welcome to our Biohacking Retreat at the beautiful Glen Eden Estate in the Hunter Valley NSW. A transformative journey for those eager to elevate their health and well-being.

Our retreat is designed to meet you where you are and guide you toward the next level of health. Discover practical, personalised insights and techniques to optimise your physical and mental vitality. Join us in an immersive experience that empowers you to take control of your health and embark on a path to a more vibrant, balanced, and energized life.

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Spots Limited to 16 people


Twin Share:      $2400

Single:               $2500

What is included

The package includes your stay from Friday to Sunday (2 nights) at the beautiful Glen Eden Retreat as well as all food, which is catered by Elysia Executive Chef Corryne Parkhill. Please find all inclusions as well as optional add-ons as follows:

Functional Movement Assessment

Functional movement coach Adam Gavine conducts one comprehensive assessments to evaluate your body's current state and identify areas needing attention. Through precise functional movement assessments, Adam pinpoints imbalances and weaknesses, allowing him to tailor a bespoke exercise regimen. His personalised programs aim to enhance your body's functionality and address specific needs, ensuring a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.

Nutrition Education

Naturopath and nutritionist Adrian Adams delivers comprehensive nutrition education, imparting foundational knowledge while accounting for your unique requirements. Adrian's approach involves teaching the fundamental principles of healthy nutrition, customised to suit individual needs. Through tailored guidance, he empowers clients with the understanding of how to nourish their bodies effectively, fostering sustainable and balanced dietary habits for optimal well-being. Adrian will provide one nutrition talk as well as a group cooking class at the retreat. 

Behaviour Change Coaching

Breath Work Coaching

Biohacking coach Camilla Thompson specialises in behavioural change coaching, employing a tailored approach to foster positive habits and lifestyle alterations. Camilla's expertise lies in crafting personalised wellbeing coaching plans that align with individual goals and aspirations. Through her guidance, clients navigate behavioural shifts, unlocking their potential for sustained positive change. Camilla's coaching empowers individuals to embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing, enhancing both physical and mental resilience for long-term success. You will receive one 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with Camilla as well as an individualised action plan for you to take home. 

Breathwork coach Tony Moran delves into the science and practice of breathwork, imparting invaluable tools to incorporate this technique into your daily routine for enhanced health and well-being. Tony's guidance explores the intricate mechanics of breath, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to harness its power. Through tailored teachings, he empowers individuals to embrace breathwork as a fundamental practice, fostering improved physical vitality and mental equilibrium for optimal daily living. You will receive and indtroduction class into breath work as well as one group breathwork class lead by Tony. 

Ice Bath

Cold exposure coach Tony Moran, inspired by the Wim Hof Method from workshops with Wim Hof and experts in the field, incorporates ice baths into his teachings. Tony’s approach combines cold exposure with breath-related techniques to regulate the human nervous system and elevate overall health. His method introduces individuals to the transformative power of cold exposure, offering a holistic approach for enhancing well-being and vitality through controlled exposure to extreme temperatures. One ice bath session is included in your package. 


At the retreat, participants have unlimited access to the on-site saunas, allowing them to indulge in the therapeutic benefits as often as desired. The saunas provide a serene space for relaxation and rejuvenation, promoting detoxification, stress relief, and a sense of well-being. Whether seeking a peaceful moment alone or sharing the experience with others, the saunas offer a tranquil escape, inviting guests to unwind and replenish amidst the retreat's serene ambiance.


Renowned Pilates instructor Karin-Anne Abercrombie, with over a decade of experience, brings her passion for this method to elevate her clients' health and lifestyles. As part of the retreat, participants can enjoy a rejuvenating group mat Pilates session led by Karin-Anne. Her expertise ensures a holistic approach, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, fostering improved well-being and vitality through the transformative power of Pilates. One group Pilates session is included in the retreat. 

PEMF Therapy

At the retreat, our naturopath Adrian Adams spearheads the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy sessions. Adrian brings his expertise to harness the benefits of PEMF, a non-invasive technique aimed at enhancing cellular function and promoting overall wellness. Participants under Adrian's guidance experience targeted PEMF sessions, designed to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. Adrian's leadership ensures a tailored approach, allowing guests to reap the restorative benefits of this innovative therapy during their retreat experience.

Infrared Light Therapy

At the retreat, Dr. Carolina Munoz oversees the implementation of infrared light therapy sessions. With her expertise, participants engage in this therapeutic approach harnessing the power of infrared light. Dr. Munoz tailors these sessions to address various wellness aspects, utilising the gentle yet penetrating wavelengths to promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension, and encourage cellular rejuvenation. Under her guidance, guests experience the rejuvenating effects of infrared light therapy, contributing to their overall well-being and relaxation during the retreat. Retreat participants can make unlimited use of this treatment. 

Cooking Class

Led by our naturopath and nutritionist, Adrian Adams, the cooking classes at the retreat offer a unique culinary experience rooted in health and wellness. Adrian’s expertise guides participants through insightful cooking sessions focused on crafting nutritious, delicious meals aligned with individual dietary needs. These classes not only teach practical cooking skills but also delve into the science behind mindful eating and the impact of ingredients on overall well-being. Adrian's approach ensures a fusion of culinary creativity and nutritional wisdom, empowering guests to nourish their bodies optimally through wholesome and flavourful dishes.

Mindfulness Coaching

Biohacking coach Camilla Thompson leads the mindfulness and meditation guidance sessions at the retreat. With her expertise, participants engage in practices aimed at cultivating mindfulness and fostering a deeper connection with the present moment. Camilla's sessions are designed to offer techniques and insights that empower individuals to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives, reducing stress, enhancing focus, and promoting inner peace. Her guidance provides a space for guests to explore and develop their meditation practice, unlocking the transformative benefits of mindfulness for a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Fully Catered

At the retreat, the culinary experience is curated by Elysia's Executive Chef, Corryne Parkhill, who infuses passion into crafting unforgettable, healthy, and delectable meals. With a fervent dedication to delivering exceptional food experiences, Corryne prioritizes both taste and nutrition. Each dish prepared under her guidance embodies a harmonious blend of flavours while embracing the principles of wholesome eating. Guests indulge in a gastronomic journey curated by Corryne, where every meal is a testament to her commitment to creating memorable dining moments that nurture both body and soul.

Natural Stream

Optional Add-Ons

Services not included in the retreat package


Functional Health Executive Package 

A Doctor and Naturopath led program to target individuals that do not have an illness but want to optimize the state of their health. Areas such as physical and mental performance are enhanced in each patient directed towards their passions and needs in life. Aiming also at preventing development of conditions the individual is genetically predisposed to, when possible, with targeted lifestyle interventions.


Package inclusions:

  • Through medical history, dietary and lifestyle analysis, baseline testing is performed to assess the status of the patient's internal biochemical processes.

  • Collective expertise of the Doctor and Naturopath used to assess the information to establish key areas of the patient's health that need optimising. 

  • Collective expertise of the Doctor and Naturopath used to then develop dietary, lifestyle, physical activity recommendations to address those key areas.

  • Through assessment of patient's risks for the development of chronic and degenerative conditions. 

  • Supplementation and/or medication regime are developed to complement the dietary, lifestyle and physical activity recommendations. 

  • Optimisations are staged and progressive to achieve the health goals, to not try to achieve everything at once as the human body is not usually capable of this. In this way, the person can incorporate changes into their lifestyle that are not overwhelming and likely to stay. 

Package Cost:        $600 (~$198 Medicare rebate applies)

  • 1 hour for initial combined consultation with Integrative GP Dr Carolina Munoz and Naturopath & Nutritionist Adrian Adams

  • 30 minute follow up with Dr Carolina Munoz

  • 45 minute follow up with Adrian Adams


About the Glen Eden Retreat


Glen Eden Estate is the ultimate Hunter Valley destination. Nestled at the foot of the Brokenback Mountain Ranges and surrounded by some of the Valley's bespoke cellar doors and experiences, the property is the perfect destination for this retreat. 

Less than 2-hours from Sydney and 1-hour from Newcastle, Glen Eden Estate is conveniently located for easy access, as well as offering a cozy country escape in the stunning Broke-Fordwich Wine Country. 


There are three cottages and three glamping bell tents, sleeping up to 25 guests throughout. Includes access to pool, private bushwalking walking tracks, outdoor areas, wood fired pizza oven, cedar wood hut tubs and more. Each cottage is fully self-contained, offering kitchen, bathroom, dining and lounge facilities, as well as their own private BBQ and fire pit areas. The in-ground swimming pool and cedar hot tub is accessible to all of our accommodation offerings.

For more information about Glen Eden please click the link below.

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